A Holistic Approach to Losing Fat

By on October 29, 2012

grand junction weight lossFor most of us losing fat is not that easy. You probably have tried reducing your food intake, or have started going to the gym but these just didn’t work. It’s not your fault. In fact, it’s a good start, it’s just not holistic. I have found that in order to lose weight properly and healthily, one would need a holistic approach in doing so. To lose that fat, you need to make sure that you:

– Eat high-protein and high-fiber diet. Eat a variety of meat products; include egg, fish and lean meat as part of your regular diet. Meat when digested breaks down into amino acids, which is the essential building blocks of muscles. Aside from protein, you will also need to include lots of fiber in your diet. Eating fruits and vegetables will help you get the fiber your body needs. Eating a diet that’s high in fiber helps keep your digestive system healthy. In addition, fruits and vegetables tend to help you feel full immediately, so you’re not tempted to gobble up more food than you should.
– Exercise habitually. For me, the important thing when exercising is not really the type of exercise you do but rather getting into that habit of exercising on a regular basis. Whether it’s the habit of going to the gym, or simply brisk walking at the park for 30 Minutes, it’s having the discipline of doing it recurrently that’s important. So, start building the habit first, and then find better exercises suited for you, and would help you lose that fat quicker.
– Replenish and rehydrate. As you exercise, you will need to frequently rehydrate, and what’s the best way to rehydrate than to drink water. Water has zero calories, so it’s your best bet in helping you lose that fat while rehydrating. Moreover, drinking during an exercise will also help you feel full, so you don’t have that urge to eat after that wonderful exercise. Remember to drink water during meals as well. This will also help you feel full faster.
-Sleep properly. When I lack sleep, I eat a lot. This is because I use food to compensate the lack of rest. I need that extra coffee, extra chocolate or extra food to get that extra push and energy I need in order to do the things I need to do. As a result, I eat more and add more stored energy into my system. So, make sure you sleep properly, and invigorate yourself the healthy way by sleeping properly the night before.

Having that healthy lifestyle isn’t always easy in this busy world but making sure that you follow the regimens I’ve mentioned above, ensures that you have a holistic approach in losing that unwanted fat. By doing so, you’ll surely have that healthy figure you’ve always wanted.

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