A Little Prep Goes A Long Way…..

By on February 4, 2016
mother and daughter preparing healthy food and having fun Grand Junction chiropractor

mother and daughter preparing healthy food and having fun Grand Junction chiropractor

Hello from your Grand Junction chiropractor, Dr. Angello! My staff and I want you know how much we appreciate your choosing us, Spine & Injury Center, as your trusted health care professionals. We know you have choices, and we thank you for your loyalty.
January is two-thirds over…can you believe it? How many of you are sticking with your New Year’s resolution?? We want you to succeed with your health and fitness goals, so we are here to continue to encourage you and to give you tips to achieve them! So here are a couple of suggestions for prepping meals and snacks for families on the go…

1. PREP FOR ONE WEEK IN ONE DAY! Here at your Grand Junction chiropractor’s office, we are working professionals with families, just like you, so we know how busy life gets, often making it challenging to eat healthy. A little trick we like to use is to prep a week’s worth of dinners on Sunday – or whichever day you can – and freeze. Things like grilled chicken breast with quinoa or turkey chili with beans are great options for a lean, protein-packed meal. Just add a veggie or a side salad day of and dinner is ready to go!

2. PREP HEALTHY SNACKS! This is key and easy to do: keep some nuts and/or seeds on hand portioned in baggies or Tupperware; stock up on Greek yogurt; hard boil a dozen eggs; cut up some red peppers, cucumbers, carrots and/or celery, and eat with hummus or yogurt dip; and don’t forget the fruit! Bananas, grapes and apples are extremely portable and kids love them, too! Or choose whatever fruit is in season. If you stick to healthy options you and your family actually like, it will make it easier to stay on track….most of the time!

If you keep moving forward one step at a time toward your goal, eventually you WILL reach it! We consider you family here at Spine & Injury Center, your Grand Junction chiropractor’s office. We want you to know we support you and want to help you succeed! Thank you again for choosing us…

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