Auto Injury Settlement Calculator

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1. Medical Expenses($):

Enter the total of your medical bills, even if you didn’t pay out of pocket.

2. Vehicle Damage($):

Amount of damage done to your vehicle.

3. Lost Earnings($):

If you missed work because of your injuries, input the sum of your lost income here.

4. Future Lost Income($):

If you’ll be missing more work due to ongoing treatment, or an inability to continue working at your current job while you recover, enter an estimate of those lose earnings here.

5. Estimated Future Medical Expenses($):

If you will require ongoing medical treatment for your injuries, enter an estimate of the cost of that treatment.

6. General Damages (Pain and Suffering) Multiplier:

(Between 1.5 and 5)

This multiplier is used to estimate your general damages — your “pain and suffering”. The more serious, long-lasting and painful the injuries, the higher the multiplier. See below for more info on how to choose your multiplier.

Your Settlement Estimate is:


Think You Should Use a High Multiplier? Not So Fast

Most of us tend to believe that our own pain and discomfort is very bad. But don’t quickly jump to the conclusion that your claim is one of those entitled to the highest compensation. In fact, only a few claims justify a multiplier of more than five. So, what kinds of things should you look for (and try to emphasize in negotiations with the adjuster)?

Factors That Justify a High Multiplier

In order to realistically consider a multiplier of more than five, you must have had a serious injury, and most, if not all, of the following factors must be present:

  • the other party’s fault for an accident must be obvious and almost total
  • your injuries must be unquestionably observed or detected by medical examination
  • your injuries must be obviously painful and dramatic — a fracture, or a wound, tear, or displacement that requires surgical treatment, or that cannot be successfully repaired
  • diagnosis and treatment must come primarily from physicians and hospitals
  • recovery must be prolonged (six months or more)
  • you must suffer some permanent consequence — pain, immobility, weakness, discomfort, scarring — that is medically documented, and
  • your physicians must clearly indicate that you will have recurring, degenerative, or future problems as a result of the injuries, even if they have stabilized for the time being
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