How can I help the back pain Im having because of my pregnancy.?

By on March 24, 2012

How can I help the back pain Im having because of my pregnancy.?
Im only 16 weeks but for the last few days my back has really been bothering. My stomach feels like its stretching too. Today my back is really bad and Xtra strength Tylenol is not touching it. What can I do to get some relief?

Try doing some long slow stretching.
Take a warm bath or wrap a heating padd ina towel and place it on your back. it’s hard to deal with this, one weekend my back hurt so bad i could barely walk and hten it fianlly went away. good luck and rest
go to it shows wat kind of stretching u can use for backaches and things like that it helps me out alot.
Talk to your doc the next time you see him. He may be able to give you hints on posture, sitting standing, stretching etc. Don’t try to rely on drugs for anything when you are pregnant.
stretching, warm bath, massages. just a few things u could do.
Try a chiropractor. I saw one all through my first pregnancy and again with this one. It really helped me. The middle of their tables drop down for your belly as you grow. Their are some that cater to pregnant women too. Just ask about their experience with pregnant patients. Other than that, you can ask your OB to refer you to a physical therapist who can also do some manipulation to your back to help align your spine and also help you with stretches and exercises to help strengthen your back. Good luck.
What helped me most during both of my pregnancies (and this sounds crazy) was getting on my hands and knees and raising my back in an arch and then lowering as far as you can. It may help now, but it will really give you relief when your huge. Try it and see if it works for you.
DO NOT do the warm bath thing – is bad for baby.If tylenol’s not working, then there’s not really a whole lot you can do. You can try stretching, but more than likely you’ll just have to deal with it.
yoga. they have pregnant yoga tapes. its basically slow stretching like everyone else says.

What happens to the c-section scar during 2nd pregnancy? can it stretch too much & open back up?
They say if you had a c-sec with your first baby, doctors like to do another c-sec with #2 cause they say that the scar can tear back open during the stress of labor & delivery? but my question is mostly, i had a c-sec with my 1st (not scheduled) & we are currently ttc#2 im just wondering will my c-sec scar be ok during my 9months pregnancy? like it wont open back up will it? due to the stomach stretching? lolol.. helpp!!

lol no your scar will be fine. as for the actual surgery they cut in the same spot. im 26 weeks and my scar is doing fine. i think they’re so low your stomach doesn’t actually stretch all that much that low
I delivered my oldest son via c-section and delivered our four subsequent children v-bac (vaginal birth after cesarean). Our sixth child was delivered via c-section and this child is scheduled to be delivered via c-section on the 13th of next month.
Depending on how far apart your c-section and the following pregnancy are, your risks will either be increased or decreased. Becoming pregnant very soon following a c-section will increase the risk of uterine rupture but that aside, the risks are not enough to obsess or chronically worry about.
Having your next pregnancy induced would increase the risk, especially if they use prostaglandins and even in that case the risk of uterine rupture is still less than 3% (I believe, 2.5%).
You should talk to your OBGYN to discuss any concerns. Also ask him/her what type of incision you had made during your first delivery. A traverse (horizontal) incision is safer than a vertical incision.
Like I said, I’m expecting my sixth child after having TWO c-sections and everything has gone smoothly.
There really is nothing major to worry about, but again, talk to your OBGYN. They can clear up a lot of your questions.
Good luck

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