Weight Loss Tips For the New Year!

By on January 9, 2013

Dr. A here…Have you set your New Year’s Resolutions? We have, and I encourage you do the same. Make them easy and reward yourself for making it through each month. You can start with just one, and each month and another or increase the amount of the current. For example,  I will be running a half marathon in March and we will be training for that. This month I will be jogging 4 miles 5 times a week with an 8 mile  jog once these weeks. Next month we will increase that to 4-5 miles a day for 5 days each week with a 10 mile jog one time a week. For many people this may sound like a lot, but I have been doing this since August 2012 and did not start off at this rate (I ran the Rimrock Marathon this past November). The point is, make small goals maybe its is walking 1 mile a day 5 days a week this month, next month increase it to 2 mile a day and so on. Good luck and we hope you all have a happy healthy 2013.

Are you tired of following weight loss diet programs? Worry no more. This brief article will give you weight loss tips that will surely help you attain your desired weight and healthy body.

If you have been trying to fit in your busy schedule your workouts and trying to deprive yourself from the foods you love, try making some lifestyle changes.

listing New years resolutions1)    Add healthy foods in your diet such as juicy grapes and red cherries. Do not subtract any food items. You can also pack healthier snacks such as cereals and your favorite fruits. Add vegetables in your favorite soups, sauces and stews for a healthier meal.

2)    Never call your workouts a “workout.” Some people become less motivated when they hear the word “workout” because the first thing that comes to their mind is it will be strenuous and something not enjoyable. The best thing to do is to have a mindset that you are going to do fun activities and at the same time will help you burn calories. You can strengthen your muscles and keep a healthier body through hiking, riding bikes, beach combing, downhill/ cross country skiing, washing your car, playing with your dog, playing Frisbee or enjoying making love with your partner.

3)  Make it a habit to walk. Enjoy the weather through walking with your pet every morning. Or when going to another floor in your office for a meeting, instead of using the elevator, use the stairs. Or if you have been working for long hours already, get out of your working area and walk. This will also help you rest your eyes and mind for a while.

4)    One of the best weight loss tips is to lessen your intake of foods high in calories. Another best thing to do is to switch to lower calorie versions of your favorite foods. Instead of milk chocolate bar, go for dark chocolate bar with zero calories. Remember, you do not have to starve yourself from the foods you love. While you are cutting your calorie intake, add boosting fiber in your diet. Foods high in fiber will help you feel satisfied and full. You can simply do this through putting additional cup of whole wheat flour in your pizza dough or put slices of red bell peppers on your salad.

5)    Do not forget to take water in order to complete your meal. Instead of drinking carbonated drinks and juices rich in calories, go for a glass of water. Make it a habit as well to make water available for you. Bring a tumbler wherever you go. Drink water even if you are not yet thirsty.

If you have been following diet plans to lose weight and yet failed a thousand times, just follow the above weight loss tips. In result, you will achieve what you have been dreaming of – a healthy body and mind.

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